Hey, I’m Amy, your Professional Copywriter.

I start conversations for a living. But I use research and logic to persuade.

In the world of digital marketing you have 3 seconds to make an impact. Every touch point is an opportunity for customers to either buy in to what you're selling, or leave and forget about you. How are you inviting them to stay?

You spend hours perfecting your business story.

And you want it to be consistent across your entire campaign. From your landing page to your product descriptions… and your radio ads, too. Tell your story in a way that’s easy to relate to, yet strong enough to entice customers. That's the power of working with an award-winning copywriter.

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Journey into the world of freelance script writing, copywriting, and writing content for websites. Learn about the ever-changing landscape of advertising in a digital world from someone working in the eye of the storm.
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