Copywriting Rates

With the popularity of freelance sites it has become difficult to separate the good from the bad in copywriting.

When evaluating copywriting rates, as with all products and services, keep in mind: you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for cheap, please keep looking. My services are driven by results and my copywriting rates complement their worth.

Your estimate reflects value.

You’re not paying for hours behind a keyboard – you’re paying for results. My quote tells you exactly what I’ll deliver.

Your budget influences returns.

Businesses with budgets help me to gauge how big of a return I’ll be able to deliver. Your budget holds me accountable to create a high-quality project.

Project initiation starts at $997.

That’s not a quote it’s a start point. I love hearing that my copywriting brought in more money than you spent with me.

If you want relevant, high-quality copy delivered fast, I’m your gal.

Check out what my clients think.

Important extras:

A deposit is required for every project. If you cancel last-minute I’ll refund half of it.

Deposits are either 50% upfront, or paid on a monthly basis for retainers.

You can choose whichever payment method is easiest: cheque, direct deposit, and credit card. When paying via PayPal, a 3% surcharge is added to cover transaction fees.


Your results matter to me.

Writerburg Content + Copy is all about getting the words you want, and my copywriting rates reflect that.


If you’re looking for a script writer or copywriter, call Amy in Saskatoon Canada at 306-241-3462, or email me for a quote.