SMByxe Code of Conduct

Social Media Breakfast Saskatoon is committed to developing a welcoming community for everyone, regardless of gender, orientation, ability, appearance, age, race, ethnicity, and religion.

Social Media Breakfast Saskatoon is about collaborating, learning, connecting, and breaking down barriers for all levels of professionals in Saskatchewan.

By participating in Social Media Breakfast Saskatoon, all attendees, speakers, and sponsors must abide by the following Code of Conduct. When actively practiced these guidelines make SMByxe a better place to network and develop professional skills.

This Code of Conduct applies to all Social Media Breakfast Saskatoon events and online activity.

1. Share Information

I understand that all knowledge gained comes from other professionals at no cost to me, so I am ready and willing to freely share any standout lessons learned with my network. I am also looking outwards to those who may have information to offer SMByxe as a speaker, sponsor, or potential charity beneficiary.

2.  Build Confidence

I recognize that every member of the Social Media Breakfast community is learning something new every day. I will remember that there are no experts in a field that changes as rapidly as social media, and that I should help reinforce this by supporting beginners as they learn and grow.

3. Seek Understanding

I feel empowered to ask questions and get clear when I am unsure about a topic, or discussion before making any assumptions.

4. Non-Solicitation

I am able to convey who I am as a person without asking for other members to buy my product or service at the event. People will do business with those they like, know, and trust, so I intentionally leave my promotional materials for another time and focus on getting to know others on a deeper level first.

5. Be Authentic

I am on the same playing field as everyone else within the community, so I am truly myself without wearing a facade.

6. Show Gratitude

I know that every aspect of Social Media Breakfast Saskatoon is made possible by community sponsors, donations, and volunteers. I take that into account when discussing the outcome online and in person.

7.  Set an Example

I am actively taking part in Social Media Breakfast Saskatoon to experiment, learn, and create. I know that mistakes happen and when they do I hold myself accountable.

8. Pass It On

I use the information I have learned at Social Media Breakfast Saskatoon to influence best practices with others outside of the community.

Download & Sign the Code of Conduct

All attendees are invited to sign the Code of Conduct and share with their own networks using the hashtag #SMByxeCode.


Report a violation

If you notice the Code of Conduct being violated please contact Amy Rederburg at either or 306-241-3462.