Trust ten years of experience paired with multiple awards for your radio, television, and digital media content.

Radio Ads

Having spent most of my media career working in busy creative departments, I know stations are limited on how much time they put into your ad. Radio writers are doing the best they can with looming deadlines. When another last-minute client comes in after you’ve been waiting to get your proofs back, your scripts will be finished as fast as they can so your writer can move on to the next.

Love them or hate them, everyone has an opinion of radio ads! Lucky for you, my experience in writing for radio comes backed with multiple awards and clients who are still raving about the work I do. I’ve partnered with excellent voice and production talent to completely outsource the process to a professional, qualified group.

If you’re currently using complimentary writing talent included with your local radio ad buy, give me a call to see how I can create effective scripts for only a fraction more.

We work with clients like you to create custom podcast scripts, too.

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Digital Media Content

Often businesses can get away with high-quality content low-quality video, but never the other way around. Many companies often integrate their digital marketing strategies with traditional advertising, print, and radio. Writing your ad for a digital audience is a lot different than writing for a traditional audience.

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At Writerburg Content + Copy, our Digital Script writing is an in-depth process that takes into account many aspects of content creation beyond the script. We research keywords, placement, and strategy to get optimal traction online.

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Television Ads

Stereotypical television ads are often big budget, multi-national branding created by an over-priced agency. Writing an affordable, yet outstanding television scripts can happen if you have a collaborative team and an open mind.

Writerburg handles video conception and script writing for clients worldwide. I have basic technical production skills which enables me to work effectively with your team. If you have b-roll on hand we also create simple ads that are affordable and quick to complete.

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If you’re looking for a script writer or copywriter, call Amy in Saskatoon Canada at 306-241-3462, or get a quote.

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