Video is a simple, effective, and affordable way to reach your customers where they are with a piece of content that helps them get to know who you are in order to trust you more.

Saskatchewan is an anomaly in the world of social media. YouTube is the number two social network next to Facebook according to Insightrix Digital. If you aren’t making videos, you’re not being seen.

Video Content Creation

If you are in the market for a new YouTube or Facebook Page video, or looking for talking points to make your Facebook live videos more effective, I would be glad to chat with you about my rates and availability for your next project.

Calling Videographers in Saskatoon

If you want to team up with a solid writer who has a deep sense of great visual content and the ability to edit simply and effectively using Premiere, contact me today.

See my really old video reel

Click here for a reel from my college collection.

I’m itching to add some new video to my repertoire, so reach out today.

Let’s make cinema magic in Saskatoon.