As an experienced script writer for broadcast media, I’ve collected a handful of award-winning radio ads over the past 10 years.

What’s an award-winning broadcast media writer doing in website content writing?

Good question! Keep in mind that radio is one of the few traditional advertising mediums that still connects people LOCALLY and IMMEDIATELY with RELEVANT information that people care about. In a crisis people often turn to radio to get the information they need. Nowadays people are doing the same thing with social media.

Timing is everything in radio.

The ability to create a short, effective story that grabs attention in a millisecond or less is a highly sought after skill that very few have been able to completely master. Creative writers like me use our awards to add credibility to tout our specialist skill set.

My nationally-recognized awards are proof that I have mastered the hook. It’s the mix of using logic combined with imagination that sets me apart from less-decorated peers.

Here is the complete list of my winning commercial projects for your listening pleasure.


Rogers Brand Award – commercials sold to 75% of prospective clients reflecting over $77,000 in new local revenue over six month period.

Calgary Plants Online Garden Centre – Green Thumb

Calgary United Cabs – Beat The Busy Signal

Gemini Group – Gemini Difference (no audio available)

DBM Telecom – New Life

Choice Office Furniture – Refreshing Choice


Two-Time Winner Vista Creative Awards

Lakeland Stationers – Nancy is Normal

Arby’s – Roast Beef ‘n Bun


Two-Time Bronze Newcap Creative Awards

Addictive Ink – Simply Marvelous (no audio available)

Outback Express Lube & Wash – Pennzoil Feeding (no audio available)

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