Here’s a quick peek at my script writing samples. If there’s a style you’d like to see more of, reach out to me! I’d be happy to share my most relevant work with you.

Radio ads

Timing is everything in radio. The ability to create a short, effective story that grabs attention in a millisecond or less is a highly sought after skill that very few have been able to completely master. Creative writers like me use our awards to add credibility to our specialist skill set.

Calgary United Cabs

Project:Beat the Busy Signal” App Launch Copy, 30 seconds

Calgary cab companies are notorious for keeping people on hold. Now they can use the Calgary United Cabs App instead. There’s a reason this is first on my award-winning copywriter portfolio: it showcases how commanding a medium can create an emotional experience for your target audience.

This example takes full advantage of using theatre of the mind to get right at the heart of the issue in a relatable way.

*One of five Rogers Q2 2015 Brand Award winning scripts.

SFX:    busy signal up and let play 4 secs

ANC:    Calling a cab in Calgary?

SFX:    busy signal up

ANC:    Aren’t you tired of playing the game?

SFX:    busy signal up

ANC:    It’s time to hang up!

SFX:    busy signal out, upbeat music under

ANC:    Download the Calgary United Cabs app to beat the busy signal. You’ll get an automatic notice to confirm your trip. So while everyone else is calling, you’ll be putting up your feet and relaxing. Calgary United Cabs, fast, friendly, reliable.

Visit Calgary Cabs dot ca to download the app today.

Calgary Public Library

Project: “Your Imagination” Membership Campaign, 30 seconds

What benefit does a library card give you? It’s an open invitation to explore the world without ever having to leave the comfort of your hometown.

I was asked to create two separate ideas for two radio stations to target two specific demographics.

The first sample targets males ages 35-50 (Jack FM listeners).

Ancr1: dramatic movie announcer V1: casual male Ancr2: male

SFX:   insert fx to match story

ANCR1: In a time of civil unrest, one man’s quest to find the lost city of Atlantis leads him into the mouth of a great white whale. Before he blinks, a massive hovering orb from the sky surrounds the beast in a beam of light and sends them rocketing into space. Through self-reflection, [fades over V1] he discovers…

V1:  [fades over ancr] …he discovers his true calling: fishing!

ANCR2: Unleash your imagination. Books, DVDs,   magazines and more; all for just a dollar a   month! The Calgary Public Library… everything   you’re into. Get your membership today!

The second sample targets moms ages 25-40 (KiSS 95.9 FM listeners).

Ancr1: dramatic movie announcer V1: computerized V2: female heroine Ancr2: female

ANCR1: In a world not too far away, one girl must save the Lobster King   from… Doctor Robotronix!

V1:  [robotic] Mwa-ha-ha-ha…

V2:   Not so fast!

SFX:  hokey pokey

V2:   You put your right foot in… [fade under]

V1:   No!!

SFX:  wires frying

ANCR1:…and she lived happily ever after…[fades over girl]

Young Girl: [fades over ancr] …happily ever after… in a giant sandcastle!

ANCR2: Let your child’s imagination run wild while you unwind with a   book, or meet other moms. The Calgary Public Library…   everything you’re into. Get your membership today!

The Library loved these commercials so much that they ran on air (with updated tag lines) for well over 3 years.

Script Writing

Project: “SuperNenshi” Original Radioplay, 15 minutes

Back in 2014 Calgary’s Mayor Nenshi could do no wrong, so we made him into a folklore hero.

ANCR: One man has risen to heights unmatched by any leader of our time… saving people from utter devastation and creating hope for many years to come. Citizens of earth have speculated on his origins…
CLIPS: (misconceptions of origin, Babylon, Himalayas and stuff)
ANCR: Yet his past has been left untold… until now. This is the story of how Super Nenshi rose to power as told by the voices of his great city.

Social Media Campaign

In addition to creating the radio drama script and production, my group developed and maintained a popular spoof Twitter account during the Calgary Mayoral election in Fall 2013. Our followers included many local journalists and would-be politicians, which gave us additional experience with media relations. Many of the story ideas came from brainstorming and crowd sourcing, as group members recorded interviews with citizens about the election and how they imagined Mayor Nenshi’s origin story.

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